Our Service List

Manicure Service

Shellac Gel Manicure


Regular Manicure


Spa Manicure


Deluxe Manicure


Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Tips Full Set

$38 UP

Acrylic Overlay

$38 UP

Acrylic Fill

$28 UP

UV Gel Full Set

$50 UP

UV Gel Fill

$45 UP

Pink & White UV Gel Full Set

$70 UP

Pink & White UV Gel Fill

$50 UP

Pink Fill Only

$40 UP

Pedicure Service

Classic Pedicure


Include nails trimming, filing, and buffering, cuticles trimming, organic sea salt exfoliation to remove dry skin, lotion application, and ends with a polish of your choice


Hot Stone Pedicure


The Classic Pedicure with the addition of a hot stone massage and callus treatment.

30-40 MIN

Lavender Spa Pedicure


The Classic Pedicure with the additon of an organic lavemder package. also includes a masque, hot stone massage, callus treatment, and massage.

40-50 MIN

Organic Deluxe Pedicure


The Classic Pedicure with the additon of your choice of organic package. Also includes a masque, hot stone massage, callus treatment, massage and paraffin treatment.

50-60 MIN

Gel Pedicure


The Classic Pedicure using durable and long-lasting gel polish.

30-40 MIN

Kids Pedicure (Under 11)


Special Combo

Classic Manicure & Pedicure


Hot Stone Pedicure a& Gel Manicure


Lavender Spa Pedicyre & Spa Manicure


Organic Deluxe Pedicure & Deluxe Manicure


Skin Care Service

Regular Facial


Express Facial


Clarifying Facial


European Facial + Vitmain C Serum


Vitmain C Seaweed Facial


Colagen Facial Treatment


Ultrasonic Facial Treatment


Acne Facial


Relaxing Back facial


SNS Dip Powder

Dip Powder without Tips

$40 UP

Dip Powder with Tips

$50 UP

Dip Ombre without Tips

$55 UP

Dip Ombre with Tips

$65 UP

Dip French (Extra)

$10 UP

Waxing Service













Full Face (sideburns, chin, lip & eyebrows)

$37 UP

Full Arms

$35 UP

Half Arms

$27 UP


$20 UP

Full Back

$50 UP

Half Back

$33 UP

Front Chest

$38 UP

Front Stomach

$15 UP

Full Legs with Bikini

$70 UP

Full Legs without Bikini

$55 UP

Upper Legs with Bikini

$47 UP

Lower Legs

$30 UP

Bikini Line

$30 UP

Bikini Extended

$35 UP


$50 UP


$10 UP


$10 UP

Additional Services

Paraffin Hand Treatment


Paraffin Feet Treatment


Nail Take (Soak) Offf without Service


Nail Take Off with Reg. Manicure


Mail Take Off for New Set


Color Change Hands


Gel Polish Change Hands on Acrylic


Color Change Feet


Gel Polish


Gel Polish Change For Hands


Gel Polish Change For Toes


Callus Remover Treatment

$5 up

Nail Art / Cut Down / Repair

$3 up

Curve / Long Nails



We guaranteed our works of 5 days problem-free in terms of lifting or chipping on gel nails, or acrylics with receipt. If our end, we will be repair without charge. VIP ROOM party of 6ppls and up for both service only, Credit Card reserves for appointment ONLY. All services appointments Cancelation 24hrs Notice. Thank you, for your cooperation. We appreciate your business and patronage.